Recycled, Local & Sustainable.

Inspired by our ancestral inheritance for the land we embrace, we are guided by our environmental impact, social responsibility, and customer relationships which reflect our governance ethos and are the foundation of our cultural platform. These three pillars coalesce to guide us towards a safe and sustainable future for the nature we honor and appreciate. Arugadi meaning ‘garden’, is committed to the safety of the environment, our team, and our customers, as showcased through our moral compass, and the quality we deliver to our patrons.


Arugadi’s very existence is founded upon ancestral solutions for best practice systems to support the land we love and value, which provides nourishment and sustainability to all life. Our mission is to identify what nature has to offer and determine how we can collaborate and work together for best case scenarios for land and humans. We are committed to the environment today, and for the future generations to come.

We have identified systems which will benefit nature by recycling manmade materials to develop a natural, organic vegetation supply for our communities. We have identified and developed technology and systems which are highly efficient to recycle and protect the environment and future generations from further waste which affects our lands.

Through collaborative ideologies, technologies, and resources we are bringing together our professional insight into the food supply industry and addressing the future environmental needs for all children, grandchildren, and the generations to come. We are committed to a “no harm” trail for our environmental footprint.

The awareness of the environment, through our environmentally responsible management and workplace habits transfer to families and communities through our commitment to ensure that we can all enjoy a clean and healthy future.


Arugadi is locally owned and operated. We are committed to be an agent of positive change in the community by providing employment opportunities, increasing skill sets for staff and their families and building a program of corporate ‘best practices’ to guide future initiatives.

Professional and personal development are critical to our pathway forward. We are dedicated to a safe and secure workspace. We operate in accordance with all relevant State and Federal job site regulations for compliance and we promote healthy lifestyle choices for staff and their families in order to ensure that our community will thrive into the future.

We are forward-thinking and are constantly improving our business processes to streamline operations, expand services and ensure client and staff satisfaction.


Arugadi Organics is a Limited Liability Company chartered with the North Dakota Secretary of State. Arugadi is committed to sound financial management. This ensures that we operate in a manner that benefits the local economy and provides employment opportunities for the wider community.

We strive for transparency in our financial and operational management. We are dedicated to our community and surrounding environment. We value our team and their insight and contributions. We are dedicated to the development of technologies, systems, and processes in our decision-making goals.

The development of food supply systems will provide a significant impact on our community, and we value combining traditional and futuristic knowledge to help our organization advance in these ever-evolving frameworks.