Container Organic Farming.

Hydroponic Gardening creates sustainable community and environmental results which represent the foundation of Arugadi Organics. We are passionate about connection, education, and working together with the collaborative goal of locally grown, organic year round produce to benefit our communities.

Leafy greens, herbs, tree saplings, and more represent our current crop. The future potential for berries, beans, and so much more unite us in purpose.

What Are Hydroponic Farms?

Hydroponic farming is a system of growing plants such as leafy greens, vegetables, herbs and seedlings where their roots reside within a nutrient dense solution. There is no soil used in hydroponic farming and food is grown usually in a fully controlled environment (light, humidity, temperature, water and nutrient solutions).

What Are Vertical Farms?

A vertical garden or vertical farming is a system of growing plants that grows linearly upwards (vertically), and uses shelves, trellises, or any other support systems to house as many plants possible. The goal of a vertical farm is to use space to its maximum potential.

What Is Container Farming?

Container farms house complete plant growing systems in a recycled shipping container. From seeding to harvesting. They are water efficient, automated, modular, and cost-effective. Ince the containers are independent structures; they work in both urban and rural settings.